Nutrition Workshop

Globalscope nutritional workshop embraces the concept of “be one teach one” and this concept is the programmatic core and the formula which leads to change and better health. We know that to teach others to become lay/peer education nutritional experts will ultimately lead their community to gain a better understanding of health and wellness. If the “lay/peer education nutritional experts” become the change agents then change will occur with those that they reach out to and share information.
Our training program is a series of building blocks in which we begin educating individuals from the level of the consumer to the level of the nutritional advocate. We utilize teaching modules for the young adult and adult learner and acknowledge the learning skills on an individual level. We all do not learn information in the same way or process information in the same format. The training module is designed to help the workshop facilitator recognize the learning style of each participant and utilized that particular style to learn and incorporate new information, to be used in a practice skill. The training will use paper scenarios; team discussions and practice skill training to transform the participants into a nutritional advocate.

Workshop Topics
• How to eat nutritiously while living on a budget
• Vitamins and Herbal Medicine A-Z
• Mental Health-Anxiety, Depression, Sleep disorder, Hyperactive Behavior and Violence Prevention
• Nutrition/Medication (how they interact to help and to hurt)
• Nutrition and Addiction (Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol)
Workshop Features
• Three-hour group meetings
• Delicious healthy snacks and featured meals
• Recommendation lists for books, cookbooks, and websites
• Meditation/relaxation techniques