About Us

Globalscope, Inc. a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of New York with a local office in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Our mission is to increase opportunities for public health interventions and education among the most vulnerable populations. Globalscope’s mission statement “Education is the Best Prevention” is a global vision of how education and information can be life changing.

Public Health, Nutrition, Global Initiatives, Vocational Training, Sickle Cell Advocacy

Public Health

Globalscope has partnered with the Morgan State University Public Health Alumni Chapter (PHAC) and the National Organization for Black Veterans, Inc – Prince Georges County Chapter (NABVETS-PGC ), in order to increase opportunities for public health interventions and education. Globalscope is organized for the purpose of increasing the number of community health workers and improve the quality of public health training. Globalscope and its community partners PHAC and NABVETS provide service in the following:

Public Health & Allied Health Education – Globalscope and its community partners PHAC and NABVETS utilize a select group of Public Health, Allied Health students to improve public health workforce measures as outlined in the Affordable Care Act, to provide wellness and prevention education to vulnerable communities with increasing rates of health disparities.

Community Engagement & Workforce Development - Globalscope and its community partners PHAC and NABVETS use trained professionals and health professions students to engage vulnerable communities and mobilizes communities to advocate, reduce morbidity and mortality and increase wellness through prevention and strategic planning.

Public Health Research & Advocacy – Globalscope and its community partners engages public health and allied health workers in research and advocacy by providing a range of activities that raise awareness of current policies and provide recommendations for new policies.


The goal of Globalscope’s nutrition program is to provide education and prevention strategies to improve overall nutrition and combat some of the triggers and extenuating factors that lead to poor health status.

Global Initiatives

Haiti: to provide capacity building and technical assistance training to hospital and clinic personnel in areas of primary care, emergency first aid, pharmacy technician training and drug formulary.

Kenya: to provide community health worker training program, outreach, education, advocacy and home visiting services to specific communities with low income and enormous health disparities. Community health workers create a bridge between providers of health, social and community services. Community health workers (CHW) are trained to provide basic health education and referrals for a wide range of services, and to provide support and assistance in navigating the health and social services system.

Jamaica: to provide volunteer health care student professionals engaged in the delivery of care and education. The initiative is to assess health care needs and to provide free medical assistance and medicines to impoverished populations – who are often denied access to public health care due to racial discrimination, or poverty.

Vocational training and Work force development

The goal of the training and workforce development initiative is to increase job readiness. In addition the training program will provide access to job placement. Upon completion of this training, the participants will emerge as highly trained professionals ready to assume jobs in the many hotels, restaurants, banquet halls and cruise ships that service New York City’s travel and tourism industry.

The deliverables for this project will rely on Globalscope’s affiliation agreements with the Harlem’s Veteran Center and Harlem Dowling Westside Center to recruit participants for program training, internships and job placement opportunities.

Sickle Cell Advocacy

Sickle Cell Research and Advocacy – Globalscope has created “The Camille Yvette Lawrence Floyd Fund”. This fund is dedicated to raising money for sickle cell research and to advocate for sickle cell patients and their families. Paintings by the young and extremely talented artist Camille Yvette Lawrence Floyd have recently gained local attention at many citywide viewings. This young artist has used her positive perspective on dealing with the disease and translated it into a remarkable art form. The auctioned proceeds of her art work are use to fund sickle cell research projects in Globalscope, to advocate for sickle cell disease awareness and to support the artistic development of this young artist.